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Innocence of Sports

Another Olympics has started. As a few of my posts will attest, and it shouldn’t come as a shock if you know me, I love sports. I think that they have provided a great amount of value to my life and would provide a similar amount to a great deal of others.

The thing that is always disheartening when sports are played on the world stage is how it shines a light on the world’s problems. For some reason when there is the backdrop of sports it seems worse to me, than the everyday news of how poorly countries and different groups treat one another.

Let’s take a look back at the past few years of international competition:

  • Everything that we’re hearing about Sochi (don’t think I have to go into it).
    • I will point out the athletes that are competing as independents, rather than for their country. Every time I hear about an independent athlete I think, “I hope no one tells the Quebec athletes they can do that.” Especially since we’d only have like 3 medals without Quebec at this point.
  • The protesting and unrest that has been going on in Brazil leading up to the World Cup that is still a few months away.
  • The last Euro Cup where there were racist and other hate group demonstrations around, and even in, the stadiums.
  • Reports of corruption and shoddy infrastructure at the last Commonwealth Games in India.
    • A bridge collapsed days before the games opened.

That’s all just off the top of my head and in the last few years. I don’t even want to go into things like the inner-games corruption that seems to rear its head all the time or something as serious as the 1972 Munich Massacre.

Everything above is just the things that happen at the games. There are things that happen in the real world that could make the Olympics very awkward for some people. Am I the only one who cringed when the Georgian team made their entrance?

However, the show must go on and we’re not going to stop producing the Olympics and other sporting events just because a little bit of corruption and international unrest. Maybe that’s even one of the reasons to keep going on.

Although it’s mired in the crap of the world, somehow sports manages to continue to rise above (and/or turn a blind eye) to what’s going on around it. That way every couple of years we can pretend the world is an innocent place, where one day maybe we all can get along.

Either that or it’s just another form of battle, with the victorious countries asserting dominance over the others. You can decide.

Sport Manitoba

This one is a little different, seeing as it is a not-for-profit. Nonetheless I think that Sport Manitoba deserves a mention because of the huge role that it played in my life and the lives of a huge number of people.

Basically if you played a sport in the province at any point in your life, you have Sport Manitoba to thank. The simple structure is that every sport played has a Provincial Sport Organization and Sport Manitoba houses and helps all of them.

Being someone who was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to play a number of sports, I have Sport MB to thank for the organization, partial-funding and training that is involved for every team. In addition to focusing on athlete development, there is also attention paid to coaches and officials, as well, because without them there is no organized sport (which is why until there are some refs involved, Ultimate is never getting into the Olympics).

Sport MB doesn’t just organize, either. Based on the belief (that I 100% share) that all kids should have the opportunity to play sports, they support charity KidSport. It gives the opportunity to participate to children who may not have had the chance otherwise.

Besides their work focusing on the on field / ice / court / track / ring / etc. activities, there is also a focus on enhancing other sport services. Sport medicine is important for athletes at all levels and is treated as such. The Sport for Life Centre (145 Pacific) is a state of the art facility which is able to help with a wide array of maladies.

So thank you Sport Manitoba! Not just for the sports that I played, and continue to play, but also for the development of the entire sport community!