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LinkedIn Sucks

Is it just me or has LinkedIn been really crappy for a while now. At the risk (as usual) of sounding like a hypocrite, the things posted on there are terrible. Worthless quotes or info-graphics that get recycled, and usually aren’t too insightful or profound in the first place.

I’m going to to go out on a limb and say that regurgitating some image that you saw someone else in your network posted doesn’t impress too many of you professional contacts. On the contrary, in many cases it could cause annoyance. To me most of the things that I see on there range from uninspiring to ignorant.

So as a friendly suggestion from Uncle Kevy, next time you see that five people have posted the same tired image about how managers and leaders are different, don’t just mindlessly share it. Think about the image and what it’s really saying.

By taking two seconds to think critically, you may realize that the post isn’t that insightful and is just plain wrong. How the attempt to look like an intelligent thought-leader may end up portraying you as a dull sheep.

LinkedIn Pigeon-holing?

I don’t know when, but at some point LinkedIn started allowing members to endorse other’s skills and expertise. I guess the act of writing recommendations was too cumbersome, along with the minor fact that you have to actually know something about the person in order to write something meaningful, meant that there wasn’t the activity level LinkedIn wanted. So they invented the simple version.

Clicking a single button to give an endorsement seems like a little too low of a barrier to take them too seriously. Every so often in a while I get an email saying I’ve been endorsed, which I guess is a good thing, but often it is from someone I have never worked with. Once in a while it’s from someone I don’t even know. To me, that means there isn’t much credibility in the concept.

Not only all of this, but it seems like the skills that are recommended to be endorsed are activities that LinkedIn has determined are related to the industry you’re in / your job title. Further perpetuating the meaninglessness of what is on there.

I worry, however, that there are some out there who will judged based on skills listed. I don’t think that mine are an accurate reflection of me and I sure don’t want to be discounted for something based on it.

So screw-off LinkedIn. Stop suggested that near strangers endorse me for skills that are loosely tied to my industry.