Who Expects McDonalds to be Healthy?

There’s virtually no dispute that on average Westerners weigh more today than 10, 20, or 50+ years ago. The numbers speak for themselves.

While the concept of “health” is over-simplified, and how our weight factors into that is over-emphasized, there seems to be more risk of something bad happening the heavier we get. I don’t know if it’s years of brainwashing saying this, but that all seems to make sense to me. Being overweight is harder on your body.

All of this said, I can’t really (for obvious reasons) get all preachy about health. I’m more of an “As long as you’re happy,” type of person.

That being said I’m obviously writing a post about this, but it’s in more broad of terms. What I want to know is what is in the title: Why is fast food under fire all the time about people gaining weight?

I mean come on, obviously when you get a Big Mac meal it isn’t the best decision you made that day. It’s meat on bread, accompanied by deep-fried carbs, with sugar water to wash it all down. Not a fruit or vegetable in sight. We all know this, though.

If there are people out there who think that’s a well-balanced meal, I would argue that it’s the education system that has failed. And failed hard.

There’s some talk about how everything at these places are refined, have added preservatives and sugar. Guess what, SO DOES NEARLY EVERYTHING ELSE. Have you ever read the labels of what you buy in the store? If it isn’t free range and organic, you’re basically eating flavoured salt and sugar.

Fast food doesn’t even resemble a healthy meal. Do you think that on the day of a big competition serious athletes opt to have a burger, fries and a shake for their pre-race meal? Pounding red meat, refined starch and oils shouldn’t be an every day thing, regardless of where you get it from.

So let’s start taking some responsibility and realizing that our demands for fast food to be more healthy is ludicrous. Start making sure that everyone understands burgers and fries need to be balanced out, and maybe one day we won’t have this insane notion it’s the fast food joint’s responsibility to help us lose weight.

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