Monthly Archives: October 2014

I Love Municipal Politics

There’s an election around the corner, which is always exciting to me. What’s even more exciting this time around is that the incumbent isn’t running again, meaning that people don’t have the option to default to what they know and there is 100% chance there is someone new in the big chair!

While I like following politics at all levels, municipal has always been my favourite by far, thanks to the absence of a party system. You know that what you’re hearing isn’t some party line that has to be toed, but in fact straight from the candidate. So with the individual structure comes the opportunity for accountability.

Not only that, but especially in a city like Winnipeg, it isn’t overly possible to meet the candidates. Either by going to an event or reaching out to them personally (let’s be honest, we’re all 2nd connections with them one way or another), the person who will be our next mayor transcends the talking head persona of so many other politicians and (s)he becomes a real person!

What’s more, the decisions of the mayor and city council are most likely to affect our day-to-day lives. So I encourage you to vote tomorrow and have your say! If you’re feeling uninformed, is a great resource.

Remember, if you don’t vote, you can’t complain.